Dog Shows

While we had a great time showing dogs...we are having even more fun showing rabbits.

Thank you to our daughter Abigail Donahue to the left who got us into rabbits!

Abby now helps with the dogs and is getting my fat quarterhorse Riley fit for riding again.

Ed and I are eternally grateful to Abby for all her help with the farm...and her love for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

   We are spending more time showing rabbits than bassets these days. We loved our experience showing dogs, but think we would rather use our dogs for tracking and trailing.

   Our rabbitry is registered with ARBA, and we are members of the Florida White Club.

 Beth spends a lot of weekends tooling around the East Coast with her Florida Whites. She just got a Best 4 Class win with her homegrown DCT's Thor at the Apple Country RBA show. Thanks to Rusty Westhoff for sharing a buck with us to improve our hindquarters. We look forward to Columbus in the spring and convention and national show next year.

   We are always happy to share stock with others, particularly 4-H kids, and it tickles us when we get beat by our own stock.

  While we do not ship stock, we are always happy to help new buyers arrange ground transport. We generally reduce our herd in December, so that would be the best time to get a proven buck or doe from us. Please let us know if you are interested and we will put you on our list. 

   In the meantime, if you are interested in Floridas do come to the shows and watch the judging. You will find this to be the best all-purpose rabbit around!


Dream Come True Farm

       Offering Florida White rabbits and basset hounds in Loudoun County, Virginia