Above...new litter pup. This is Luke at two weeks. Fergus is very white with what we call a "dot head." Moose looks just like Hope. Luke looks just like Rhett.

  To the right, theDestiny litter  kids when they were about two weeks old. The red kids seemed to be able to get out of the box and land on the pillow. We never figured out now!

​Hope and Rhett had three bouncing red and white boys on March 16...Moose, Fergus and Luke Skywalker. We are hoping for a fall litter too.


​Hope delivered her three boys by C section the day before St. Patrick's Day, so of course they got Gallic names. The first choice puppy went to a young girl in an FBI family locally. The second went to Massachusetts to a good friend.  The third boy went to a teacher friend who has been considering a DCT basset for a long time.

Dream Come True Farm

       Offering Florida White rabbits and basset hounds in Loudoun County, Virginia