The best way to reach us is at 540-338-5805. Ed and Beth are very busy, with both jobs, managing the farm, dealing with the bees, showing rabbits , riding Riley and Beth's quilting.  We will return your call after 8 p.m....after the horses, rabbits, dogs and cats are fed and bedded down for the night...and we have had a chance to have dinner too.  You may also reach Beth at I check my email every day, but often take the weekend off electronics.

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And there is a lot to see when you visit the farm...

   We have horses, rabbits and two charming barn cats for your children to enjoy. Meadow the miniature horse loves it when you bring her apples and carrots. Be sure to ask Ed to show you the apiary where the 40,000 girl bees live and produce honey, pollinating all the local gardens and fields. The bunnies are daughter Abby's award-winning show line that she has graciously given to her mother. Yes, Beth shows!

Dream Come True Farm

       Offering Florida White rabbits and basset hounds in Loudoun County, Virginia